Joliet Correctional Center

     The Joliet Correctional Center (also known as the Joliet Prison) was a prison located in Joliet, Illinois.  It was in operation from 1858–2002.    The architects were Boyington and Wheelock.    Mr. Boyington also designed the Chicago Water Tower.  The prison was constructed with convict laborers from the Alton Prison under the supervision of the contractor Lorenzo Sanger and the warden Samuel K. Casey.  The first 33 inmates arrived from Alton in May of 1858.  The limestone used in the construction was quarried on the site. 
     The last prisoners from Alton were transferred in 1860.  During the Civil War, both criminals and prisoners of war were confined at the facility.
     The prison population reached 1,239 in 1872.  The inmates were contracted to work at local businesses.  There was slow modernization of the facility.  Running water and toilets were late in coming. 
     The number of inmates peaked in 1990 at 1300.  It was 1,156 in 2000.  The facility closed in 2002 citing budget cuts and the dangerous and obsolete nature of the buildings.
   The facility was used in the filming of “The Blues Brothers ” with John Belushi.  It was also used in the Oliver Stone movie “Natural Born Killers” as well as the tv series “Prison Break”
     The prison can be seen from the path along the Illinois Michigan Canal in Joliet.


One of the towers of the Joliet Prison can be seen in the distance.


The Joliet Prison can be seen in the distance.

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