Maxine Barritt Park  1800 S. Harbor Drive Venice Fl

Sign Maxine Barritt Park

Barritt Park is located in Venice, Florida at 1800 S. Harbor Drive. It is located on the Gulf between Brohard Paw Paw Park on one side and Sharkey’s Restaurant and the Venice fishing Pier on the other side. The park was built in 2010. It is named after a local activist Maxine Barritt.

The park has a large man made lake. Around the lake is a walking trail. There are multiple trails to the Gulf. There is a large Pavilion with views of the Gulf. There are picnic tables, benches, rest rooms and ample free parking.

Maxine Barritt Park


Man Made Lake

Man Made Lake

Man Made Lake


Same as above

Man Made Lake

Ibis along the lake

Ibis along the lake

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