Hotel De Haro, Roche Harbor

Hotel De Haro

Signage Hotel De Haro

Hotel De Haro

     This hotel was named after Spanish explorer Captain Lopez De Haro who discovered and named the San Juan Islands in 1787. The Hudson Bay Company built a log structure on the site between 1845-1850.

     John McMillin built the Hotel around the original log structure in 1886.  The building foundation was logs, roof concrete.  Originally on the ground floor was the dining room and kitchen.  There were 20 rooms.

     Theodore Roosevelt visited the Hotel in 1906.  Roche Harbor was a full blown company town in the 1890’s.  

     By 1942, the Hotel had closed.  In 1956, McMillin son Paul sold the entire the Tarte family. The hotel was extensively renovated and was renovated in 1960.

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