N.D.Hill Brick Building aka Monarch Hotel formerly Waterstreet Hotel, Port Townsend, Washington

Water Street Hotel

     The N.D. Hill Brick Building was located at 635 Water Street, Port Townsend, Washington.  It was built in 1889. It replaced a pharmacy at the site.

        The building cost was $25,000.   The architect was Elmer Fisher.  Woodwork was by Cummings and Saunders. Brick and Stone Work was by Davis and Wakeman.  The building style is Italianate.

     In 1928, the building was purchased by the Benson Family.  They renovated the structure to create the DeVillo Hotel Rooms rented for .75 to 1.25/per night.

     From 1929 to 2001, a tavern occupied the corner front space.  The first was the IT Tavern.  Following this was the Town Tavern.  This was the most well known and long running. It operated until 2001.

     In the early years, the top floors functioned as a hotel and long term apartments.

   Over the years, the following hotels occupied the second and third floors Waterstreet Hotel and Monarch Hotel.

    Both the Salad Cafe and Silverwater Restaurant began in the back of the building.

   Maxwell Brewery and Pub occupied the building in the mid 2000’s

     Over the years the building had multiple renovations to keep the building near its original state.

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