Bishop Block Building 714 Washington,Port Townsend, Washington

Bishop Block Building

Bishop Block Building Port Townsend, Washington

     The Bishop Block Building is located at 714 Washington Street in Port Townsend, Washington. It was built by William Bishop, Senior, one of the earliest settlers of the area. Construction date was 1890. The building was brick with a ground floor and two upper floors. He operated the building for years, however it was not a successful venture for him.

     Bishop sold the building to Owl Cigar Company.  They rented out the street level for offices. The upper levels of the building were used for tobacco storage and distribution.

     In 1940, the building was acquired by the U.S. Navy.  It was used for housing for civilian workers.

     In 1980, the Bishop Block Building was opened for the first time as a hotel by Mr. and Mrs John Pickett.

     The Building was purchased by Cindy and Joe Finnie in the 1990’s.  They extensively remodeled the building.

     In September, 2020, Jessica Jennings and Eric Weinberg purchased the building .  They are doing an extensive update of the Hotel Building.  In 2021, they opened the Block Bottle Shop; this is the hotels latest wine bar.

     The Bishop Hotel is now an independent boutique all suite hotel in downtown Port Townsend, Washington.  It is one block from the water.

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