Blossomland Bridge over Saint Joseph 

Blossomland Bridge over Saint Joseph River

     The Blossomland Bridge is a bascule type bridge over the Saint Joseph River  on M63.  It is located in Saint Joseph, Michigan. Construction took place in 1947-1948.  It was completed in was designed by consulting engineers Hazelet and Erdal from Chicago. The general contractor was W.J. Meagher and Sons from Bay City. Fee was $747,497. American Bridge and Company supplied and erected the bridge.Fee was $512,240

Blossomland Bridge over Saint Joseph River

     The bridge has seven spans. There is Scherzer rolling lift bascule main span.  The bascule span and 2 flanking spans are built of steel.deck plate girders.The northernmost and the three southernmost spans are steel stringer.  The main span is supported by machinery containing concrete piers. The approaches are supported by four column concrete piers.  The abutment and wing walls are made of concrete. At the southern corner is a stair case which leads to the location of a former railroad.

Blossomland Bridge over Saint Joseph River

     The total length of the bridge is 713 feet.  Width is 57.8 feet.  The longest span is 164 feet.  It was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on 12/17/1999.

Bridge opened

     The bridge was rehab bed in 1966.

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