Whitcomb Hotel 509 Ship Street Saint Joseph Michingan

Whitcomb Hotel

     Over the years, multiple hotels occupied the site on a bluff in Saint Joseph, Michigan where the Whitcomb now stands.

     The first was the Mansion House. It was built in 1831.  It was a log cabin lodging house. Charles Krieger purchased the Mansion House.  He tore the building down in 1866.

     In its place, Krieger built the Saint Charles Hotel which opened in 1868. Over the years, this hotel changed hands many times.  C.D. Whitcomb purchased the Saint Charles.  He refurbished the building and renamed it the Hotel Whitcomb.

     In 1905, an underground sulfur spring was found in the area of the hotel.  The water from the spring was piped into the hotel’s mineral baths.  By 1927, the Hotel was showing signs of deterioration.  In the brief period of 6 weeks,  a group of several business men raised one million dollars to build a replacement building.

     The new hotel opened in 1928.  It was 7 story brick building.  It was L shaped.  Style is neo tudor.  Architect were Pond, Pond, Martin and Lloyd. When it opened, it had 225 guest rooms, dining room for 800, and a sunken garden.

Whitcomb Hotel

Post card Hotel Whitcomb 1928

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