Union Station Technology Center, South Bend

Union Station Technology Center South Bend

 Union Station in South Bend is located on 326 W. South Street.  It opened in 1929. It was located across the street from the Studebaker Plant.  It served both the New York Central Railroad and the Grand Trunk Western Railroad. It was designed by the architectural firm of a Fellheimer and Wagner.

Same as above. Note Pattern on Brick Wall.

     The building style was Art Deco. It is a medium sized station.  It has a rounded barrel arched roof.  The platforms were elevated. The walls have a distinctive brick pattern detail.

Same as above

    When the New York Central Railroad merged with the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1968 to form the Penn Central Transportation, they used Union Station.  The station closed in 1971.  In 1979, the station was purchased by south Bend native Kevin Smith.

Side View of Union Station Technology Center

       Union  Station became a technology center. Union Station Technology Center is used by Global Access Point.  They renovated the facility to become a data center housing computing equipment from outside companies.

Same as above

     The Technology Center is a state of the art hub for digital information providing a location  for small businesses data center, data. transport and carrier operations.

Union Station Technology Center Parking Lot appears to be unused

     In 2019, the South Bend Tribune moved its offices into the Union Station Technology Center.

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