Warm Mineral Springs Park

Warm Mineral Springs Park North Port, Fl

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Cyclorama Structure Warm Mineral Springs

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     The park is located at 12200 San Servando Avenue, North Port, Florida.  The Warm Mineral Springs is a water filled sink hole in carbonite rock formed by the collapse of the roof of a cavern.  The water supply is a spring vent deep beneath pools surface.

Warm Mineral Springs Pool Note Chairs Provided

     The land surrounding the sinkhole is flat.  The circular opening of the sinkhole is 72 meters across.  It is 70 meters deep.  The opening narrows to 48 meters a few meters below the surface. The opening narrows to 38 meters across at 30 meters from the surface. It opens up again 72 meters at the bottom. The primary source of water is a vent 63 meters below the surface which discharges 20,000, 000 gallons of water 86 degrees.  It is heavily mineralized.

Warm Mineral Springs Pool

     The buildings in the area of the springs have been attributed to Jack West, Sarasota School of Architecture. They were built in the 1950’s.   There is an entry building with a gift shop, locker rooms,  shower rooms and a restaurant.  Not all of these areas are currently in operation.

     There is a circular building named the Cyclorama.  It measures 226 x 13 feet. It contains a 360 degree mural depicting P once De Leon Arrival in Florida and the search for the fountain of youth.  The building was built in 1959.  The mural was painted by A local artist Don Putnam.  The Cyclorama has been closed since the 1970’s.

     There are currently portable washrooms and changing rooms

    The city of North Port owns the Warm Mineral Springs Park.  It has contracted with the National and State Park Concessions to operate the springs and its facilities.

   Both the park and the buildings are listed with the National Register of Historic Places.

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