Big John Statue Cape Coral, Florida

Big John Statue, Cape Coral, Florida

     In May, 1969 Craig and John Hollingsworth purchased an existing grocery store in Cape Coral, Florida on Cape Coral Parkway.   They renamed the store Big Johns. They commissioned  a 28 foot fiberglass figure to be built as the store’s mascot.  They named it big John.  It represented a store clerk carrying two grocery bags. The statue was made by the General Sign Company in Cape Giradeau,Missouri.

Big John Statue, Cape Coral

    Big John stood in front of the store until its closing in 1986.  It is still in Big Johns plaza. It has undergone changes.  Big John wears an American Flag shirt,acid washed jeans and sneakers.  During holidays, it is dressed in holiday garb.

     Big John is now the landmark mascot of Cape Coral, Florida

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