Slate’s Restaurant, 4820 Candia St, Cape, Coral, Florida

Slate’s Bar

  The owners of Slate are chefs Allan and Nancy Cotter.  Before being in the Cape Coral area, they were both owners and chefs of Blue Moon Restaurant and Jazz Club in Saint Croix, Virgin Island.  They were at this location for 16 years.

     The Cotters retired to southwest Florida.  They became bored with the lifestyle.

Slate’s Jazz Combo

Slate’s Jazz Combo

     They opened State’s in Cape Coral.   They wanted to open an establishment of  establishment of fine dining and an enjoyable experience for their clients.  Their signature food is Cajun and Caribbean infused dishes.  During Sunday brunch they feature jazz music.

Slate’s Dining Room

     Associated with the restaurant is the Side Door Jazz Club featuring from 6 to 9pm.

Slate’s Dining Room

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