New Devon Theater Building 1618 W. Devon Avenue Chicago, Illinois

    The city of Chicago has halted work on this historic building in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago.  Apparently, the new owner improperly removed a terra cotta bust and other features of the building facade.  Two stop orders were issued.

City of Chicago Stop Order

Scaffolding in place on former New Devon.Theater Building

Former New Devon Theater Building  Note the bust of the Egyptian goddess

Same as above

Former New Devon Theater

     The building was constructed in 1912 as the New Devon Movie Theater.  The architect was Henry Ross.  It featured a glazed brick facade and a large arch and the bust(thought to be an Egyptian goddess). It served as a Ford Dealership in the 1920’s.  It was a radio television store in the 1950’s.  In 1963, it became the Headquarters of the Assyrian American Association local chapter.

     Recently, the building was purchased by Doris Eneamokwu from a trust tied to Assyrian American Association of Chicago. She plans to convert the building into a banquet hall.

     Eneamokwu claims not to have known that the building was historically protected.

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