Glenwood Springs, Colorado Railroad Station

Railroad Station, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Railroad Station Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Railroad Station Glenwood Springs, Colorado

     The station was built by the Rio Grande.and Denver Railroad. It was located at 413 7th Street, Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It is located close to the southern bank of the Colorado River. It opened June 18, 1904.  It replaced a smaller station in a different location.

     The building style is Romanesque Revival.  The walls were brick and frying pan river red sandstone.  In the front, there are two medieval towers.  There are two separate waiting rooms one for.women and children and one for me.

      The Glenwood Springs Railroad Rail Road Museum now occupies the area that was the women’s waiting room.  The station also serves as a stop for the Greyhound Bus.

 Beginning in 6/7/1977, Amtrak began service on the Pioneer Line between Chicago and Seattle. Glenwood Springs, Colorado was a stop on this line

     Beginning in October, 1979, Amtrak initiated the Desert Wind  line from Chicago to Los Angeles.   This train stopped at the Glenwood Springs Station.

     Both of these lines were discontinued in May, 1997.  Currently, the California Zephyr is the only train using this station

     The station is currently owned by the Union Pacific Line

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