Hotel Colorado Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Old Photo Hotel Colorado Glenwood Springs, Colorado circa 1895

     The Hotel Colorado is a historic hotel at 526 Pine Street, Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  It was built for William Deveraux, a silver magnate and banker.  Construction costs were $850,000.  Architects for the project were Boring, Tilton and Mellon. The style was Italianate.  It is a replicate of Villa de Medici.

Hotel Colorado

     Local materials used in the construction included cream colored Roman Brick and Peach Blow sandstone.

     Imports included 12,000 square feet of carpet and 2,000 rose bushes.

Same as above

     The hotel quickly became a popular summer retreat. Famous guests included Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft and Herbert Hoover and actor Tom Mix.

Hotel Colorado

     From 1942 to 1946, the hotel was leased by the U.S. Navy for use as a convalescent hospital.  Later, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on 5/26/1977.

Same as above

     It is alleged that the Hotel is invaded by ghosts.

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