Delray Beach Seaboard Airline Railway Station

    This is a historic building located at 1525 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach Florida.  It was built in 1927.  The architect was Gustav Mass.  He was a member of the architectural firm of Harvey and Clark of West Palm Beach.

  The station has a similar.appearance to the Seaboard Airline Railway Station in Homestead, Florida.  However, the Delray Beach Station used plain stucco.  The building style is Mediterranean Revival.  The northern end of the building was a freight room. It was modified and enlarged.  The building was used for passengers and freight.

RR Station Homestead, FL Note the Similarity to the Delray Beach Station

Delray Beach Train Station

     Amtrak continued passenger service to Delray Beach in 1971.  Tri Rail commuter service began in 1989.  In 1991, it was moved to a new Delray Beach Station a few blocks to the south.  Passenger service to the old station ended completely in 1995.

     In February 25, 2020, the Delray Beach Station was largely destroyed by an arson fire

Same as above  The station was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on 9/4/1986

Delray Beach RR Station

Railroad Platform Delray Beach RR Station

Photo of Delray Beach Seaboard Airline Station

Homestead Station

Homestead Station  These ornamental Columns are not present in the Delray Beach Station

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