Saint Mary of the Presentation Church, Mudgee, NSW

     Saint Mary of the Presentation is a Roman Catholic Church at 13 South Church Street, Mudgee, NWSW.  The early church was built in 1857 by Father Callaghan McCarthy.  His version included a church, sanctuary, and a sacristy.

Saint Mary of the Presentation Roman Catholic Church

     The church was rebuilt between 1873–1876.  The architect for the project Edward Gell.  Contractor was Mr. Webb.  The stone mason was Mr. Burns.  The new church incorporated the pre-existing sanctuary and sacristy.  A new body of the church was constructed. Foundation stone was laid 12/7/1873. The church was formerly opened on November 11, 1876. The spire was added in 1911.

     The walls were brick with sandstone foundation.  The building style was Victorian  Ecclestical Gothic.

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