Orlando R.R Station

Orlando R. R. Station

Parking for Orlando R.R.Station

Loading Platform

Informational Plaque

Same as above

     The historic Orlando Railroad Station is located at 1400 Sligh  Boulevard.   It was built in 1926 at a cost of $500,000.  The station’s style is Mission Revival.  It was built for the Atlantic Coastline Railroad.  The architects were A.M. Griffith and H.T.Hadlow.  

     The roof is red tiled.  The external walls are stucco.  There are two domed towers flanking the entrance.

     There was a major renovation in 1990.  In 2015, there was another renovation.  The tile roof and twin towers and stucco surfaces were repaired.   The fixtures, windows and door were replaced.   In 1967, the Atlantic Coast Line and the Seaboard Coast Line merged.   The name on the station was changed to Sea Board Coast Line.

     The station is serviced by Amtrak and A commuter rail company Sun Rail

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