Johann Christopher Friedrich von Schiller Monument

    This statue is located at 2045 N. Lincoln Park West, Chicago.   It was installed in 1886.  The artist was Ernst Bilhauer Ray.

     Schiller was a German playwright and poet.  He was born Marbach in southwest Germany. An original monument was located in Schiller’s birthplace since 1876.  The statue was replicatd for Chicago.

     Beginning in the 1880’s Chicago German community lobbied for a Schiller statute.  In 1885, A corner stone and foundation were laid in Lincoln Park.  An artist from Stuttgart William Pelargus was hired to recast Rau’s original monument. Marble cutter John Gall was hired to create a granite base for the monument.  The monument was unveiled in 1886 during an elaborate ceremony.

     The Laing and and Son Granite Company repaired the Schiller’s Statue in 1959.  They instilled a bronze plaque on its base

Schiller’s Statue Lincoln Park

Same as above

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