David Kennison Patriot or Con Man?

Plaque for David Kennison Lincoln Park, Chicago

     He claimed to be born in Old Kingston, Maine.  He claimed to be a veteran of the Boston Tea Party and the Revolutionary War.  After the war, he moved to Danville, Vermont.   He claimed to be a veteran of the War 1812. He arrived in Chicago in the 1840’s.  He live there until 1851.  He was honored with a hero’s funeral and was interred in Chicago in the Lincoln Park Area.  If he was to be believed, he worked as 111 when died.  However research seems to poke holes in his story.

Plaque Hinting at The Con

   The Con

     When David Kennison arrived in Chicago, he claimed to be 111.  Although bedridden, he boasted that he could walk 20 miles per day.  He insisted among other things that he was the last surviving member of the Boston Tea Party, that he was present at the battles of Bunker Hill, Lexington, Brandywine, that he was at Yorktown when Cornwallis surrendered.  Although in his 70’s, he alleges he participated in the battles of the War 1812.  He served at Fort Dearborn.

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