Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center Skokie Illinois

Fountain at Illinois Holocaust Museum

Fountain of the Righteous Illinois Holocaust Museum

Fountain of the Righteous Illinois Holocaust Museum

     The museum is the third largest holocaust museum in the world.  It is located at 9603 Woods Drive Skokie, Illinois. 

     Chicago land Holocaust survivors banded together to form Holocaust Memorial Foundation of Illinois.  The group purchased  a Skokie storefront and made it available to the public focusing on combating hate with education.

     The Holocaust Museum was was opened in 2009.  It is 65,000 square feet.  It was the culmination of 30 years of hard work and activism by the survivor community.

     The museum honors the memory of millions of members of the  Jewish community who were murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust.  It also pays tribute to the survivors.

Entrance to the Museum

Entrance to the Museum 2 Towers Represent Columns of the Temple in Jerusalem

Description of the meaning of the two columns

Front Entrance Museum

Railroad Tracks Leading into the Museum

Type of R.R. Car used to Transport Prisoners to The Concentration Camps during the Holocaust

Same as above

Room of Remembrance

Room of Remembrance

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