Niles Historical Museum and Cultural Center

Niles Historical Museum and Cultural Center

     The Niles Historical Museum and Cultural Center is currently located at 8970 N. Milwaukee Avenue Niles.  It was previously located at the Trident Center on Oakton in Niles.  The current building was dedicated on October 25, 1986.

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     The current building served as the Cook County Sheriff’s Quarters from 1923 to 1984.

Building Cornerstone

Niles Historical Museum

Same as above

Building Entrance. Note Cook County Police Sign above the door

Statue from Bunker Hill Country Club Fountain.  The old golf course (closed in the 1950’s) is now Bunker Hill Forest Preserve and Estates.  The old club house was located at 6701 N. Milwaukee Avenue.   It was taken over by the VFW and it closed in the 1990’s.    Now at this site is Bunker Hill Club Condominiums

Bunker Hill Forest Preserve. This is the site of the former Bunker Hills Golf Course, Niles, Il

Same as above

Site of former Bunker Hills Golf Course

Same as above


Bridge over Chicago River

Chicago River Bunker Hill Forest Preserve

Chicago River

Concrete Foundation of uncertain origin

Same as above

Same as above

Bunker Hill Condos

Same as above

Former Site of Clubhouse Bunker Hill Country Club, Niles

Same as above

Same as above

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