Tuttle Residence 

    The Tuttle Residence is a house designed by Paul Rudolph Sarasota School of Architecture) in 1984.  Construction was completed in 1986.  It is located at 652o Swan Creek Road in Rockhill, Maryland.  The house was built for Wylie F.L. Tuttle, an American real estate developer.

     Th house is located on a 240 acre site.  It overlooks Chesapeake Bay.  In addition to the house, there is a swimming pool, a private beach, and  a horse stud farm.

     The residence is 12,500 square feet.  The exterior is brick.  The roof is copper. The house has a custom laminated wooden structural frame with a trapezoidal shape.

     There are two main living spaces connected by a passageway that serves an art gallery.  There are 7 bedrooms and 6.5 baths spread across a 3 level floor plan.  There are two fireplaces and a three car garage.

     The residence is currently for sale.

Tuttle Residence

View of Chesapeake Bay

Tuttle Residence

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