Sarasota Terrace Hotel

Informational Plaque Sarasota Terrace Hotel

     This historic building is located at 101 South Washington Boulevard in Sarasota.  The building was constructed from 1925–1926.   The architects were Francis Palmer Smith and Robert Smith Pringle.  The contractor was  Charles  Edward Ringling.   The building style is Renaissance Revival.  It features 125 rooms all with private baths.. It is located at former site of the number one green of the Old Gillespie Golf Course.

Sarasota Terrace Hotel

     The height of the building is 124.67 feet.  It is 11 stories.    The structural system is rigid frame.  The structural material is concrete.  Facade material is brick. Construction costs were $750,000.

     The building was originally known as the Ringling Terrace Hotel.  Later its name was changed to the Sarasota Terrace Hotel.  Over the next 30 years, it operated under several managements.  Its name was changed to the New Terrace Hotel in the 1950’s.  The hotel was acquired by Arthur C. Allyn, Jr. in 1962.  He was a majority stockholder of the Chicago White Sox major league baseball team.  He spent over $100,000 renovating the building.  During the spring practice season, the players stayed at the hotel.  They played their games at Payne Park (which was across the street). The minor league team the Sarasota Sun Sox also stayed at the hotel.  Under Allyn, the building had many changes reflecting a baseball motif.

     Both in 1964 and 1967,a motel section was added at the back of the building.   The name was changed in 1967 to The Sarasota Motor Hotel.  The building closed in 1972.

     The hotel building was purchased by Sarasota County in 1972. It became the county’s Administrative Center.  It served in this capacity from 1972 to 1995. In December of 1995, the Sarasota County Administrative Center moved moved into the renovated GTE building.

Sarasota Terrace Post Card

Sarasota County Terrace Building Sarasota

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