The End of the Biggs Residence in Delray Beach, Florida?

Biggs Residence Delray Beach Florida

Sketch of the original house

     This house is located at 212 Seabreeze Drive Delray Beach, Florida.  The architect was Paul Rudolph.   The house as originally built was 2 bedrooms and  baths.  It was 1600 square feet.  The home is elevated on 4 exposed steel columns and beams. On the main floor there is a central living room with a bedroom and bath on one end, A gallery kitchen with a wall of closets and stair to the entrance below.   There is a bedroom and bath at the other end.

     Biggs lived in the house from 1955 to 1961.  In 1970 Biggs sold the house to Richard and Alice McAvoy.  In 1973, Virginia and Erskine Courtenay bought the house.

     In 2007, Architect Robert Currie adds a two story addition of 1926 square feet to the south.  The addition includes master bedroom, and bath, guest bed and bath and elevator access.

    In 2014, Courtenay yes sell the house for 1.1 million.

    In 2016, the house is listed for sale for $1,895,000.  House sold for $1,100,000 to Henry Ferrino.

     Residence is sold  in February 28, 2018 for $1,395,000 to Michael and Antonia Marco.

     The Marcos proposed a plan to restore the house to Rudolph’s original vision.   In what can only be described as a project going awry,  the house was demolished to its frame in August, 2020.  The Marcos now face legal trouble for the results of the project.

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