The Founding of Punta Gorda: Memorial Plaque

Memorial Plaque

     This plaque is located at the intersection of Taylor Street and Olympia Avenue Punta Gorda, Florida.

     The plaque reads:  On December 3, 1887, 34 men in the town of Trabue  met here in a two story building, built in 1887, owned by Tom Hector.  The diverse group of landlords, tenants, merchants and workers, some white and some black were all qualified voters. At the time of the meeting, the ground floor was the location of a drug store and the second story was  was Hector’s billiards hall.  Above the drug store, at a pool table, the men passed.the articles of incorporation by a 2/3 majority.   They selected a city seal, a council, and the corporate name of Punta Gorda.  Although politically active locally and in his native Kentucky, town founder Col. Isaac Trabue had not registered to vote on this issue and was barred from the balloting. Trabue had begun acquiring land in early 1883.  He had the land plated, reserving the shoreline for public use and naming streets for family members. Having given up half his holdings for rail service, a depot, and a luxury hotel, he was angered by the settlers’ ingratitude.  The documents were filed at Pine Level , the county seat on December 7, 1887. Trabue sued to dissolve the municipality and regain.title to the public lands.  10 years later he gave up.  Hector Home was demolished in 1988.

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