Siesta Key Beach Pavilion

Siesta Key Beach Pavilion   This is Weinberg original project.

Siesta Key Beach Pavilion plaque

Beach Pavilion built 1959–1960. Architect Ed Seibert

Siesta Key Beach Pavilion. This is an addiction from Seibert’s original project.

Siesta Key Beach Pavilion. Same as above

Siesta  Key Beach Pavilion. Seibert’s original project

Ceiling Siesta Key Beach Pavilion Seibert’s original project

Same as above

Siesta Key Beach Pavilion

Covered walkway to the refresment stand is an addition

Original design

Siesta Key Beach Pavilion

     The original pavilion was built in 1960.  The architect was Tim Seibert.   He used low maintenance reinforced concrete block and concrete block.  The appearance today is a modification from the original pavilion.

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