Solomon Guggenheim Museum

Solomon Guggenheim Museum

     The Guggenheim Museum is an iconic art museum in New York City located at 1071 5th Avenue.  This is the permanent home of an extensive collection of Impressionist, Post Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary art.

   The first home of the Guggenheim was opened in 1939 in rented space by the Stanley Guggenheim Foundation.  

     The museum retained Frank Lloyd Wright to design a new home for the collection.  He proposed a cylindrical building that was wider at the top than the base.  As a cost saving measure the outer walls were made of concrete instead of stone.  Wright’s original plan was the the walls would be red; this plan was discarded for white walls.  The museum moved to the new building in 1959.

     The builds was renovated and expanded in 1992.   The Guggenheim Museum was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on 6/6/2008.

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