John Ringling Causeway Sarasota

John Ringing Causeway

     This bridge is the John Ringing Causeway aka Ringling Bridge or Gil Waters Bridge

     The first bridge at this site was built in 1925 by John Ringling.  It extended from Sarasota to Lido and Longboat Keys.  Ringling financed the bridge at a cost of $750,000.  He built the bridge to have access to his land holdings on the two keys.  The bridge opened in 1926.  Over the years, the bridge deteriorated and the damage was so extensive that in 1951 the state began to replace the bridge

     The replacement bridge was a four lane drawbridge.  It opened in 1959  The cost of the bridge was $20 million.  Around 2000, the bridge exhibited marked deterioration.  

     A new high span bridge was proposed and was built.  It opened in 2003.  This current bridge carries 4 lanes of traffic on SR 789 and a pedestrian lane.It crosses Sarasota Bay. Design is segmental box girder.  Total length of the bridge is 3,097.04 feet. Width is 106.35 feet.  Height is 65 feet.  There are 11 spans.Construction costs are 68 million dollars.  The bridge was constructed by PCL Construction.


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John Ringling Causeway Bridge

Ringling Causeway Bridge

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