Joseph Farrell

Joseph Farrell, Architect

     Joe Farrell was born in 1932 in Gastonia, North Carolina.   The family relocated to Sarasota in 1947.  Between 1950–1954, he attended the architecture program at the University of Florida.  During this same time interval, he worked part time for architect Paul Rudolph.  From 1955-1957, he served a tour of duty in the U.S. Army in Europe. From 1957–1959, he completed the architecture program at the University of Florida.  He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Architecture in January, 1959.

Uhr Studio. 1962 Sarasota. Architects William Rupp and Joe Farrell

     In 1959, he worked with Carl Volmer, Sarasota.   He entered into an association with architect William Rupp. This lasted for 2 years.  Their projects included Farrell Commercial.Building, Caladesi National Bank, Dunedin, Florida, Uhr Residence, Sarasota, Florida, Scott Office Building Sarasota.

     From 1961 to 1975, he worked as a designer and then associate in the office of Lemmon, Freeth, Haines, and Jones Honolulu. From 1975, he was the design principal in office of Hawaii Ltd. (Formerly Lemmon, Freeth, Haines, and Jones Hawaii.

Hawaii State Capitol Hawaii 1969. Architect Joe Farrell

Caladesi National Bank. Dunedin, Florida. 1961–1962. Architects Rupp and Farrell

Scott Building. 1960. Sarasota, Florida. Architects Rupp and Farrell

Prince Kuhio Federal Building and U.S. Court House. Honolulu 1977. Architect Joseph Farrell

Republic of Palau. Capitol of Palau Ngerulmud. Completed in 2006. Architect Joseph Farrell

Bishop Square Double Helix Parking Garage Downtown Honolulu Architect Joseph Farrell

Pavilion House. Sarasota 1957. Architects Rupp and Farrell

     1993 Joseph Farrell Architect was founded in Novato, CA

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