McCullough Pavilion

     The McCullough Building 

McCullough Pavilion located at 265 Orange Street, Sarasota was originally known as the Scott Building.   Clarence Scott commisioned architects Bill Rupp and Joe Farrell to design the building.  The builder was W. Ray Mathis.  The construction was completed in 1960.

     The building served as a showroom for Barker furniture.

McCullough Pavilion

     After Barker Furniture closed, the building was purchased by Sarasota County.  It was used as a print shop.

McCullough Pavilion

     In 2014, the country was approached by Center for Architecture Sarasota with a proposal to lease the building for its headquarters.  The lease was approved.  The Center for Architecture Sarasota began a 6 month,  $500,000 restoration supervised by architect Guy Peterson.  Building was renamed McCullough Pavilion.

McCullough Pavilion

Information Plaque

McCullough Pavilion

    The building as currently configured has  front architecture gallery space,  a a lecture hall and a small administrative office.

     The McCullough Pavilion was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on June 7, 2016.

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