Florida Studio Theater

The Theatre

Florida Studio Theater

    The FST is a professional non for profit theater located in downtown Sarasota at 1241 Palmer Avenue.   It was founded in 1973.  The FST consists of 5 theater spaces.

     1) Main Stage (Keating Theater). This was formerly the Sarasota Woman’s Club which was founded in 1903. Keating Theater seats 173.

     2) Gompertz Theater.  Purchased in 2003 by FST.   This was originally a movie theater in 1920’s.  It closed during the Depression. It reopened in the 1940’s.  In the 1951, it was known as the Palm Tree Playhouse.  Building was purchased by FST and renamed the Gompetz.  It seats 237.

     3) Cabaret. Goldstein Cabaret   In 1996, opened the venue. It was renamed Goldstein Cabaret

   John C Court Cabaret .  It opened in 2013.

   Improv and Stage III. Bournes lab theater.   It houses FST stage III series also FST Improv


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