Tim Seibert, architect

Edward Tim Seibert was born in Seattle, Washington on September 27, 1927. In 1942, the Seibert family moved to Sarasota. Young Seibert followed his father into the navy during and shortly after Wold War 2. 

Tim Seibert

    After the war Seibert attended Stanford University to study art. He transferred to the University of Florida to study architecture.

After graduation, Seibert interned in the office of Paul Rudolph in Sarasota. He was exposed to Rudolph’s design philosophy and a architectural approach.

One of his first projects was a studio for Philip Hiss 1953. Hiss was a real estate developer.

Hiss Studio 1953 Sarasota Architect Tim Seibert

McDonald Residence Siesta Key,1965 Tim Seibert, Architect

    Seibert’s house on Siesta Key was built by the architect personally in 1952. The house has 2 wings–one for sleeping and bathing and the other for the living and dining areas. There is a screened garden area.

    In 1955, Seibert opened his own firm–Seibert Associates. While working here, he came into contact with his fellow Sarasota peers such a as Gene Leedy and Victor Lundy.

     Over the period of 40 years, Seibert designed hundreds of buildings both commercial and residential along Sarasota Gulf Coast

Craig Residence in the Lido Shores Neighborhood of Sarasota Built 1955 Architect Tim Seibert

Siesta Key Beach Pavilion Built in 1958 Sarasota. Architect Tim Seibert

Same as above

Lido Key Beach Pavilion 1969, Architect Tim Seibert

Cooney House. 1969. Tim Seibert. Sarasota Currently for sale

Field Club 1961 Tim Seibert, Architect

Seibert was an accomplished sailor. He also designed many sail boats.

Bird Key House 2018 Tim Seibert

     Tim Seibert died at Boca Grande, FL.  in 2018

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