Gene Leedy

Gene Leedy was born on February 6, 1928 in Isaban, West Virginia. He received an Associate of Arts in 1947 University of Florida Gainesville. He received a Bachelor of Architecture in 1950. University of Florida Gainesville. In 1950, he was employed by Robert Murphey Architect Orlando.  From 1950–1951, he was employed by Ralph and William Zimmerman, Sarasota.  In 1951, employed by Paul Rudolph, Sarasota, Florida.  He served in the United States Air Force 1952–1954.  In 1954, Leedy established his own practice in Sarasota.  He relocated to Winter Haven in 1955. His projects from 1955 to 1960 included 

1 Prototype house for Craney Houses, Winter Haven

2 Brentwood Elementary School School with William Rupp

3 Lake region yacht and Country Club, Winter Haven with Paul Rudolph

4 Florida Tile Industries Building Lakeland, Florida 

5 Winter Haven City Hall

Projects from 1961 to 1965

Leedy Architectural Office, Winter Haven

Dorman Residence

Gainesville First National Bank,Cape Canaveral, Florida

Prototype houses for Hewitt and Sons, Rockledge, Florida

    He was in private practice on.Winter Haven, Florida since 1955

Gene Leedy

Merrill Lynch Building 375 East Central Avenue 1991 Winter Haven, Florida Architect Gene Leedy

Leedy Family Residence Built 1956. Architect Gene Leedy

Lucas Building. Built 1974. Architect Gene Leedy

Lake Shipping Elementary School 1950’s. Winter Haven, Florida

Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce. Winter Haven, Florida Built 1990. Architect Gene Leedy

SAE Fraternity House Gainesville, Florida. Architect Gene Leedy  Built 1973

Brentwood Elementary School, Sarasota. Architect Gene Leedy. Completed 1955

McElroy Office Building Built 1960 Winter Haven, Florida. Gene Leedy Architect

Carter House  1952  Sarasota  Gene Leedt

Gene Leedy Architectural Office 1961 Winter Haven, Florida 1961 Gene Leedy

Ellerman House 950. North lake Otis Dr. S.E. Winter Haven, Florida. 2006. Gene Leedy, Architect

     Gene Leedy passes away on 11/24/2018 in Winter Haven, Florida

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