James O’Leary Mansion, Chicago

James O’Leary Mansion

Same as above

     The O’Leary mansion is located at 726 West Garfield Boulevard in Chicago.  It was built by James O’Leary for his mother.  It was built in 1890.  The architect was Zachary Taylor Davis.  It is a brownstone.  Style is Renaissance Revival. 

    The building has 4 stories.  Ceilings are 12 feet high.  There are 63,000 square feet of space.  There are 12 bedrooms, 5 and one half baths.  Room total is 33.  There are 2 large walk in vaults.  There are 3 fireplaces.  There is a 2 story coach house.   The mansion is currently for sale

     James O’Leary was the son of Catherine O’Leary.  He was known as the Gambling King of the Stock yards.  He opened what was called a resort at 4185 S. Halsted.  This was across the Main Gate of the Stock yards.  This resort included a salon, A bowling alley, billiards parlor, Turkish Baths, and a gambling establishment.  In addition to this, he had a gambling operation in DuPage County, a gambling ship city of Traverse, the Luna Park Amusement Park and Ballroom.


Coach House former stable

Back of building

     A recent article N.Y Times (3/12/2021) casts doubt on the story that this house was built for Mrs. O Leary or that she ever lived there.

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