Glass House by Philip Johnson

Glass House by Philip Johnson

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     The glass house is a historic house/museum in New Canaan, Connecticut.  The architect was Philip Johnson.  He spent 3 years developing the design.  His inspiration was the Farnsworth home in Plano, Illinois.  This was designed by Mies Van Der Rohe.  The Glass House was built in 1948-9.

     The Glass House was a modern style building.  It is 56 feet long; 32 feet in width; 10 1/2 feet high. The kitchen, dining and sleeping areas are in one glass enclosed room.  The interior open space is subdivided by low walnut cabinets.   A brick cylinder encloses the bathroom.

Brick House Served as the Guest House

     The exterior walls are charcoal painted steel and glass.  The entire estate was 47 acres;later expanded to 200 acres.  In addition to the Glass House are multiple modernistic structures added over many years.

Entrance to Painting Gallery

    In addition to the Glass House, the estate included multiple modernist buildings.  1. Brick House.  Built 1949–52.  Served as a guest house.  2 Pavilion.  Built in 1962.  3. Painting Gallery.  Built 1965.  4 Sculpture Gallery.  Built in 1970.  5.  Study.  Built in 1980.  6. Ghost House.  Built in 1982. 7. Kirsten Tower. Built in 1985. 8. Gate House a.k.a dam an star.  Built in 1995.

     Building listed in the National Register of Historic Places on 2/18/1997.

Da Monstra

The Study

     Upon Philip Johnson’s death, the estate passed to the ownership of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  The estate opened for visitors on April, 2007.

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