Sarasota School of Architecture

Riverview High School (Paul Rudolph, Architect)

Sarasota High School Addition Paul Rudolph

Hiss Studio, Tim Seibert, architect)

Bay Plaza (Seibert, architect)

Umbrella House (Rudolph, architect)

Bee Ridge Presbyterian Church (Lundy, architect)

Sarasota City Hall (West, architect)

Nokomis Beach Pavilion  1954 Joe West, Architect

Nokomis Beach Pavilion Fountain

Nokomis Beach Pavilion

First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Manatee (West, architect)

81 Cocoanut (Seibert, architect)

Healy Guest House (Twitchell and Rudolph,architects)

Warm Mineral Springs Motel (Lundy architect)

The Sarasota School of Architecture was also known as Sarasota Modern. It occurred after World War 2 (1941–1966). It was located in Florida’s central west coast around Sarasota.

Members of the Sarasota School of Architecture included: Ralph Twitchell, considered the founder and his partner Paul Rudolph. These two men were architects of the Twitchell House, Healey Guest House, and Revere Quality House.) Other members included Gene Leedy (Garcia Residence), Tim Seibert (Hiss Studio, Seista Key Pavilion, Bayport Beach and Tennis Club, Bay Plaza, Cocoanut), Jack West (Nokomis Beach Pavilion, Sarasota City Hall, First Federal Savings and Loan Manatee), Victor Lundy (Warm Mineral Springs, Motel, Bee Ridge Presbyterian Church), William Rupp (McCulloch Pavillion, Riverview High School Umbrella House), Carl Abbott.

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