Germania Club, Chicago

Germania Club

     The Germania Club in Chicago is located at 1536 N. Clark Street. It was designed by the architectural firm of Adison and Fielder in 1888. The building was constructed in 1889. Its style was a blend of Romanesque Revival and Classical Revival. It is five stories. There is a 2 story limestone base. There is a portico and arched doorway on the south end. In the upper stories, there are arched windows capped by pediment and a pilaster supporting the cornice at the top of the building.

The building includes the grand ballroom and a banquet room. There is a restaurant and a bar.

The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on 10/22/1976.

In 2008, the Germania building was sold to KIMCO Realty for 9.3 million dollars. 6 years later, the building was sold to an affiliate of Buffalo Grove based Svigos Asset Management for 7.8 million dollars.

     On November 16, 2020, Lighthouse Immersive (Toronto )has announced an immersive Van Gogh exhibit to take place in the former Germania  Club.  Using digital projection and animation, visitors will experience an immersive experience of Van Gogh,s Sunflowers, Nighttime Stars, and Bedroom in Arle.

The sponsoring company has a multiyear lease for the building.

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