Aerojet Dade

Located at the edge of the Florida Everglades, Aerojet Dade is a deserted rocket testing and manufacturing facility.

In 1963, the Air Force awarded a 3 million dollar contract to Aerojet General. This was a major rocket and missile propulsion manufacturer. Aerojet was to build a rocket manufacturing and testing site near Homestead, FL. Aero jet acquired land for the plant less than 5 miles from EvergladeNational Park. They signed a lease for the property. Multiple buildings were constructed in addition to two rocket silos. A canal was built from the facility to Barnes Sound in the Atlantic. This was called Aerojet Canal. This was used to transport fuel and rocket parts.

The facility was closed in 1968 after NASA decided to use liquid fuel in its rockets.

Parts of the facility scrapped. Doorways to the buildings have been covered with mounds of dirt. SWFWM dismantled the shed over the silo in 2013. The silo was covered by concrete.

The Aerojet Road which ran from the facility south to the test firing site is now a nature trail.

Aerojet Road

Rocket in Silo


Same as above

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