Tivoli Theater, Downers Grove

Tivoli Theater Lobby

Tivoli Theater AuditoriumTivoli Theater Marquee
     Located at 5021 Highland Avenue in Downers Grove, the Tivoli movie theater was built in 1928.  The designers were Van Gurten and Van Gurten. 
     The theater opened on Christmas 1928.  It had 1012 seats.  It was the second theater in the US to feature sound movies.
     The Tivoli has undergone a rennovation in the French Renaissance Style.  Unlike many other theaters, the Tivoli has only one screen.
     The building not only contains the theater but also a bowling alley, a residential hotel and

other store fronts.

The theater features first and second run movies. Occasionally, it has live performances. The Tivoli is currently owned by Classic Cinemas.

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