Abandoned Seaboard Air Line Railroad Station, Fort Myers

Sea Board Air Line Railroad Station

Same as above

At 3026 E. Riverside Drive in Fort Myers there is a historical building. This was a train station of the defunct Seaboard Air Line Railroad. It served as a station between 1927 and 1952. Unfortunately, the building is in the process of been demolished.

I visited this site a few years ago. At that time, the building was deteriorating and fenced off.

Years after the train depot was abandoned, the Reilly Brothers Hardware Store occupied the building. They were in this location until 2007. They closed because of declining revenues and dropping business.

Partially demolished railroad station

Partially demolished railroad station

Partially demolished railroad Station

Partially demolished railroad station

Same as above

Unfortunately, this is another example of an historic building being demolished. The building sat vacant for years. There were no attempts to renovate this structure. Current owner mentions that this site could be a self storage facility.

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