Edson Keith Estate Sarasota

Edson Keith purchase a property in Sarasota near Phillippi Creek from Mabel Linn for $7,000 in 1915. Mr. Keith was president of a large millinery business. He was also a member of Sarasota’s Chicago Colony which also included Field, Palmer and other prominent families.

Construction began in 1916 of an Italian Renaissance Style Home on Phillippi Creek. Architects on the project were William A. Otis and Edwin H. Clark of Chicago.

Edson Keith Estate

Original outbuildings included a 2 story servant house, garden shed, garage, water tower, and chauffeur house.

Mr. Keith died in 1939. His widow sold the property to a Chicago doll clothing designer Mae Hanson Prodie. Her husband operated the home as a luxury inn in the 1950’s. Mrs. Prodie retired to the home in the 1960’s.

In 1986, Sarasota County acquired the property. It has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Informational Plaque

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