Ramova Theater  3518 S. Halsted Street Chicago, Illinois

Ramova Theater

     The Ramova Theater is located at the corner of South Halsted Street and 35th Street in Chicago.  It opened on August 21, 1929.  Its opening movie was Desert Song.

Ramova Theater

     It was a sister theater to the north side Music Box Theater.  It had one screen and a capacity of 1,500 seats.   The architect was Meyer O. Nathan.

Ramova Theater

     The  internal style was atmospheric with a deep blue ceiling with glittering stars.  The auditorium was built to resemble a Spanish Courtyard.  The sidewalls had multiple archway with scenes of Spanish Countryside.

     A highlight in the history of the theater came in 1940 when Charles Chaplin had the premier of his movie The Dictator at both the Ramova and the Music Box Theaters.

Current Appearance Interior

     By the 1950’s the Ramova Theater was only showing second run features.  The theater closed in 1985.    Its last feature was Police Academy 2.  The building has stood vacant since.  The city of Chicago took ownership of the building in 2001.

Semicircular Arcades Sidewalls

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