B. Harley Bradley House, Kankakee

B. Harley Bradley House

    The Bradley house is a Prairie Style residence located at 701 Harrison Street in Kankakee, Illinois.  It is located adjacent to the Kankakee River.

  The architect was Frank Lloyd Wright.   It is believed to be one of the architect’s earliest Prairie Style Residences.  It was built in 1900–1901.  The house was commissioned by B. Harley Bradley and his wife Anna.

     Harley Bradley inherited his wealth from his grandfather who was a local manufacturer of plow shares and other farm and garden implements.

     The house has 12,000 square feet of space which includes 6,000 square feet for residence; 3000 square feet basement;and 3,000 square feet stable.  This is connected to the house by a breezeway.

B. Harley Bradley House

     The distinctive features of a Prairie Style home include:  long row of windows, stained glass windows, low pitched roof line and prominent chimneys.

Same as above

     In 1913, the house was purchased by by A.E. Cook, a real estate promoter.  In 1915, it was obtained by Joseph Dobson, a member of the Chicago Board of Trade.  It was deeded to Mrs. James F. Nellis, Sr for her service as Me Dobson Secretary.

     After that, the building operated as a restaurant Yesteryear for 30 years.

B. Harley Bradley House

     In 1986, Stephen Small acquired the property and began a rennovation.  Unfortunately, Mr. Small was kidnapped and murdered and never finished the rennovation.


     Architect Ron Moline and the law firm of LaBeau, Dietcheweiler and Associates purchased the property and turned the house into offices and finished Small’s renovations in 1991.

B. Harley Bradley House  Breezeway Connecting House and Stable

     The house was then purchased by architect Gaines Hall and his wife Sharon.  They returned it to a private residence.

     The property is now owned by a non for profit.

     It was listed on the National Register of Historic

Same as above Places in June, 2009.

Window B. Harley Bradley House

B. Harley Bradley House

B. Harley Bradley House

P. Harley Bradley House

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