Schubas Tavern

This former Schlitz tied tavern is located at 3159 North Southport Avenue in Chicago

Schuba’s Tavern

It was built in 1903. The architects were Fromann and Jebsen. The building style is German Renaissance. The building is notable for its steeply pitched front gable; use of alternating colors of brick to frame window and door openings.

Schuba’s Tavern

In 1988, Chris and Michael Schuba purchased the building.  They supervised an extensive renovation.  The exterior of the building is similar to its original  appearance.  The interior was renovated to maintain the long mahogany bar, the intricately designed tin ceiling, and the wainscoted wall panelling

Schuba’s Tavern

Schuba’s Tavern Informational Plaque

Schuba’s Tavern

Schuba’s Tavern

     The current owners of Scuba Tavern and Tied house restaurant announced that the business will close November 1, 2020 and extend indefinitely due to the corona virus epidemic.

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