Gordon Beach Inn

Gordon Beach Inn Plaque

The Gordon Beach Inn is located in Union Pier, Michigan. When it was built 1924, it was the centerpiece of a Jewish resort subdivision. The inn was built by Louis and Lena Gordon. 4 years after its opening, it was expanded. The Gordons operated the inn for 10 years. They lost ownership during the Depression. There is little information about the ownership from this time until the 1960’s.

In the 1960’s, the Inn was purchased by Robert Miller. He was an Africa American Chicago Alderman.

Another of the owners was Devereux Bowly. In 1991, he started a project to restore the inn to its 1920’s appearance. He hired artist Jo Hormuth who hand stenciled the walls and corridors with designs based on botanical themes and local native American patterns. The 20 rooms of the Inn were updated with private baths, heat and air conditioning.

Gordon Beach Inn

Gordon Beach Inn

   Devereux Bowley died in 1914.      He left the ownership of the

Gordon Beach Inn to his sister Judy  and his son Zach.

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