Homestead Hotel, Evanston, Il

The Homestead Hotel at 1625 Hinman in Evanston, Illinois has recently been listed for sale.

Homestead Hotel

The idea of a hotel in Evanston was developed by architect Philip A. Danielson in late 1926. He and his wife wanted to build a distinctive 18 century style family hotel. Construction began in 1927. The hotel opened in 1928. The Danielson’s planned to run the hotel initially until the operation was going smoothly. Then Philip could return to his architecture practice.

Homestead Hotel

The first year of operation was successful. However in 1929 with the Depression, the story changed. The Danielsons worked hard to save the hotel from their creditors. Finally they were able to see the light at the end of tunnel. They managed the hotel until 1957

Homestead Hotel

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