Bank of Fort Myers

This building was located at 2282 First Street, Fort Myers.

The Bank of Fort Myers opened for business in 1906. In 1911, Harvie Heitman (a bank officer) was responsible for the construction of a 3 story bank building for the Bank of Fort Myers. It was located at 2282 First Street. The first Floor was the lobby. The second floor was office space. The third floor was the home of Lodge 631 Order of Odd Fellows.

The bank featured a steel lined vault with automatic locking. The building front was brick and plate glass. The interior was fitted with black cypress wood. There were electric lights and running water.

Unfortunately, like many other financial institutions, the Bank of Fort Myers closed during the Depression.

For a while, J.C. Penney used the building. Many other businesses followed. The second floor was unoccupied since the 1960’s. The third floor was unused since the 1930’s.

It was previously the site of the Rendezvous Restaurant and Lounge. It is currently the site of Izzy’s Restaurant.

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