United Artist Theater, Chicago

    The United Artist Theater originally opened as the Apollo Theater in 1921 at 45 West Randolph St.  It was a live theater venue.  It was built by A.H. Woods.  The building was designed by the firm of Holibird and Roche.

United Artist Theater

     In 1927, Woods sold the theater building to the United Artist Corporation.  It was renamed the United Artist Theater. It was remodeled by Howard Crane in the Spanish Gothic Style. The auditorium ceiling had a cove lit dome with 10 port holes.  The lobby had a middle eastern motif.  There was one screen and 1,703 seats.

     In 1929, management of the theater was taken over by Balaban and Katz.  Later management companies included ABC/Great Lakes, Cineplex Odeon and Plitt.

     It featured exclusive runs and premiers of top Hollywood films. 

     In the 1970’s, features include action and horor films.

     From 1950 until its closing, it had  an elaborate marquee which wrapped around the building curved corner entramce.

     It operated until 1987.  It was demolished in 1989.

Site of Former United Artist Theater

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