Fort Myers Tourist Center

Fort Myers Tourist Center

     In the 1920’s, the Fort Myers Pleasure Pier Complex was erected West of the Caloosahatchee River Bridge.  By the 1940’s, the pier pilings had severely deteriorated. The pier was razed.

     The upstairs pavilion was saved.   It was transported upriver in 2 sections.  It was relocated to Edwards Drive.

     During World War 2, the relocated building served as a USO Center for soldiers stationed at Buckingham Gunnery School and Page Airfield.

     In 1965, the Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce converted the building into the Tourist Center.  The building was remodeled in 1981.  It was also known as The Hall of 50 States.

    Currently, the building is unused.  Its future is uncertain.

Fort Myers Tourist Center

Fort Myers Tourist Center

Plaque Fort Myers Tourist Center

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