The Rivoli Theater Chicago, Il.

     The Rivoli Theater was located at 4380 N. Easton Avenue in Chicago.  It opened in 1923.   Its patrons came from the Old Irving Park and the Mayfair Neighborhoods.  It  had one screen and 1,302 seats.  The contractor was Howell Knox.  It closed in December, 1949

     By 1950 or 1960, the building was being used as the Rivoli Ballroom.  It also was used as a banquet hall.  The hall was known as Antoine’s Balroom and Banquets.   At one point in time it was used as a warehouse.

     Beginning in the early 1980’s, the building was used as a Muslim Community  Center with class rooms, bookstore and a worship space.

 Poster for Concert at the Tivoli Ballroom. November 7, 1966.  Photo from Andrea Levin

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